There’s a Chicken in My Fridge: Thoughts On Becoming Unvegetarian

I’ve been a vegetarian since 2004. For a few of those years I was also vegan but added free range organic eggs and later some organic dairy back into my diet.

ID-100170634I’ve been considering the move to add fish (and now free range organic chicken) for quite awhile. In fact, last year I did order a salad with smoked salmon at a restaurant. The smoked salmon wasn’t very good though. I’ve had good salmon, and I know I liked it. Many months ago I also created a Pinterest board titled “Unvegetarian”.


But this isn’t about whether or not I like fish or chicken. It’s about how I define myself. For the last 10 years I have defined myself as a vegetarian. I liked being a vegetarian for all the reasons one becomes vegetarian. It’s healthy (providing you’re not living off of cake, ice cream, potato chips and the like), it’s better for the environment and more humane for animals. But, vegetarian and vegan diets tend to be high in carbohydrates which likely contributed to my Candida and cancer.

Since I’ve been struggling with Candida and cancer for over a year now, I’ve lost whole food groups from my diet. I am not able to tolerate any grains, most beans, and starchy vegetables. I can only have 1 or 2 servings of low sugar fruits per day. Of course, I can have all the low carb veggies I like, but veggies themselves are not filling enough for me.

That leaves me with eggs, tofu, plain yogurt, nuts and seeds. All of which are ok, but should be used in moderation. Because my options are limited, I find that eat too much of eggs, nuts and tofu. Occasionally I have some tempeh, but its not something I like to have on a regular basis. Since I am stuck with this diet due to my health issues, I think I will be happier if I have more protein choices. Besides, most Candida diets recommend including salmon.


My co-op occasionally orders through Wild For Salmon, so when I saw the offer posted, I went ahead and ordered. I’ll be able to pick up my salmon the second week in April. It was a bit pricey, so I won’t be indulging in salmon very often, but at least I will have another option for those days when I’m tired of tofu, eggs, yogurt, nuts and seeds. And yesterday I picked up an organic free range chicken at the grocery store. Yes, there is a chicken in my fridge!

Your Turn

What are your thoughts? I imagine the vegetarians and vegans will all be screaming “Noooo!!!! Don’t do it!!!!!”

The meat eaters will likely say, “It’s about time!” and “That’s why you were sick, you didn’t eat meat” and “How long until you eat beef?”

If you’re like me, you understand that it’s a personal choice. I’ve done a lot research and contemplation. It’s not the easiest of decisions to make. One does not go from being a vegetarian for 10 years to an omnivore without much soul searching. But I do think it will be to my benefit to consume wild caught salmon, free range organic chicken/turkey, and maybe someday grass fed organic beef.

I’ve already been told that protein is a no-no when you have cancer, but I’ve also read that ketogenic diets are effective in healing naturally from cancer. I’m not able to follow the Gerson diet because it is too high in sugars and would exacerbate my Candida. I believe that everyone is different and what works well for one person my not work well for another. Each person needs to decide for themselves what diet will be best for their health. At this point in time, I believe this might be what my body needs. I’ll keep you posted. Who knows, I may not stick with it, but then again, I may notice improvements in overall health.

How about you? Are you in the salmon camp? How do you like your salmon cooked?

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  1. My favorite way to cook salmon is to coat it with cajun seasoning and put it on the grill until it’s crispy on the outside but tender on the inside. Hmmm, I don’t have a grill anymore, but I can certainly pan fry, bake or broil it.
    Anastasia Carpenter recently posted…Tofu Chic’n NuggetsMy Profile

  2. I don’t enjoy salmon, but I am a half-hearted meat eater. I’ve done vegan challenges for 30 days at a time, and I did feel better while doing them. It’s just so tough to maintain at restaurants, family functions, etc.
    Jennifer recently posted…Weekend RewindMy Profile

    • Yes, I can certainly understand how it can be hard to maintain. My diet has been so specialized that I have had to take along my own food whenever I go away from home. Although I have returned to eating meat, I don’t see myself eating loads of meat. I do need to follow a ketogenic diet, but contrary to popular belief, the majority of calories should come from healthy fats. Meats should actually be limited, and carbs strictly limited.

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