What I Ate the Last Two Weeks


I’m behind on my posts! Two weekends ago I went out of town to visit my grandson for his first birthday! Isn’t he the cutest little boy ever (besides your own, of course!)?

 mack in grass

I don’t have words just how wonderful it was to get to spend quality and quantity time with him. It did my heart good. Sure do wish we didn’t live so far apart!

I also started Spring Cleaning (colon cleansing). Since I had had a recent set back when I tried to move to Stage 2 after being on Stage 1 for a full year (and put pounds back on), I decided it would be a good idea to colon cleanse again. I’ll have another post in the near future about how I am doing that. I did skip a few meals and used my colon cleanse as a meal substitute.

So here’s what I ate the last two weeks:


(5) Granny Smith Apple w/homemade nutella
(1) Plain yogurt w/coconut carob muffins
(1) Pear with coconut carob muffins
(4) eggs and grapefruit
(2) yogurt and strawberry cookies
(1) yogurt and vanilla pear muffins


(8) Tofu chic’n Nuggets w/broccoli
(2) Tofu chic’n nuggets w/probiotic salad
(1) Scrambled eggs w/broccoli
(1) scrambled eggs w/salad
(1) roasted chicken w/roasted asparagus
(1) Indian vegetable curry
(4) purple cabbage and apple salad
(1) roasted chicken w/salad
(1) eggs w/grapefruit
(1) yogurt w/carob muffins


Avocado Coconut Milk Carob Pudding
Carob coated coconut macaroons
Key Lime “cheesecake”
yogurt w/strawberries
pear w/homemade nutella
probiotic salad
easy carob snack cake
peppermint white “fudge”
celery sticks w/nutella


Colon cleanse
filtered water
red clover tea
ginger lemon detox tea
purple cabbage and carrot juice

How am I doing? As always, I think there is room for improvement. It’s not easy working full time, blogging, taking care of house and home (and puppy), and cooking almost everything from scratch. But I’m doing the best I can :-)

I’ve come to the conclusion that I need to follow a ketogenic diet. My diet has been low carb, but not low enough. I’ve read that ketogenic diets are effective in healing cancer naturally. I can’t follow the Gerson diet because I also have Candida, and too many carbs cause my Candida to flare up. So I am convinced that keto is the way I need to go.

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  1. Could you (or did you) post the recipe for the strawberry cookies?
    Jennifer recently posted…Weekend RewindMy Profile

  2. I fully agree. He is a cutie. :) I’m also a nutella and apple fan. I think you did wonderfully!
    Becka recently posted…Nerf Rebelle House Party PartyMy Profile

    • Thanks Becka! Yes, love those apples and homemade nutella. So sad I need to cut back on my carbs, so will have to phase out the apples. I just bought apples at the store last week, so I’ll finish them off before I eliminate them.

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